Thank you very much, Teacher!

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Dongeun Choi, thank you so much for all your precious teachings! 정말감사합니다 !!

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3 Responses to Thank you very much, Teacher!

  1. Avatar photo massimiliano says:

    I join Massimo to thank you very much for the teaching, and for the right attitude towards the game we learnt from Dongeun.

    So as to prevent forgetting what we just learnt, I will like everyone between us to spend the next tuesday meeting to review all the things Dongeun shown us. Emanuele, bring all the books she left to you.

  2. Avatar photo massimo says:

    so are we keeping the two-day-a-week routine? or should we switch back to thursdays? And why are we talking in english? 😉

  3. Avatar photo massimiliano says:

    we are talking in english because we are from Campogalliano (beh, almeno Uber… la sapete la barza di quei due di Campogalliano che si trovano a Londra e credono di parlare inglese? no? allora giovedi` ve la racconto… perche`, si`, in effetti volevo scrivere THURSDAY, uffa…)

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